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Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Workshop, San Francisco

I am just returned from assisting Ann Bradney at a Mask, Lower Self and Higher Self workshop last weekend in San Francisco. The work is extraordinary to witness. This was the focus of the 2-day workshop straight from the Radical Aliveness web site:

In Core Energetics, a powerful body-based process that works with somatic energy, our higher self is the part that is open to our full capacity to love and be creative. Lower self is the potent, destructive energy we harbor as a result of childhood wounds. Mask is the false or idealized self we present to the world in order to fit in. Practice fun and challenging exercises that work directly with each of these three energies to open to the self in fresh and profound ways.
This workshop is an opportunity to learn more about this process and more about yourself. We will do some deep individual work as well as group process. Come for a weekend of connection, excitement and learning.

The next one is July 12 & 13 in Santa Monica, CA, I highly recommend you check out Ann and her work!