The Weekend Warrior Intensive: August 9-11, 2013

AUGUST: The Weekend Warrior Writing Intensive!

   Friday, August 9-11th, Chelsea NYC 

 Face your fears, step into your deepest places and write from your heart.   

• Everything you need to know about the play you’re about to write, you already know. What you need is unfettered access to your instincts and emotions.

• Are you ready to go deeper with your characters and your writing but you're tentative, frightened or blocked? 

            Open for all experience levels. Geared towards playwrights but appropriate for solo shows, short stories and novels. 

            Exercises will be playful and provocative to move you through self-imposed hurdles and inhibitions and get you writing fast and furiously.

 Learn to say yes to your impulses.

            Immerse yourself in the world of your next play and put pen to paper for a three-day marathon. There will not be time spent reading aloud, it’s all geared towards generating new material. This is a guided solo trip, with the camaraderie of other writers.

            Included in the workshop is a one-on-one consultation to discuss your project and overnight assignments to keep your mind churning between sessions.

            Want to begin a project but you’re terrified? Can’t make the time? The minute you sit down to write, you think your ideas are horrible or someone’s already written it better than you ever will? Feeling vulnerable? Then you’re in the right place.

Enter Friday with an open mind, leave with a direct path into your next play.

Also, there will be snacks! 


Friday August 9th   6-9 pm

Saturday August 10th   11-6 pm

Sunday August 11th 12-5 pm

Place: Chelsea, Manhattan

Cost: $450      *400 if you register by July 20th.

Winter Miller is  a founding member of 13Playwrights. She is the author of In Darfur (The Public and regionally), The Penetration Play (13P), Paternity (Cherry Lane Mentor Project), The Arrival, the musical Amandine and others. Winter is a Core Energetics Practitioner working with artists to identify the blocks in their mind and body, and release inhibitions to write the story waiting within. She holds an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia and a B.A. from Smith College. She has been a resident writer at Sundance, Hedgebrook, and the Playwrights Center among others. She has written for The New York Times, Variety and other publications.


Take this workshop! 


Winter’s teaching comes from a generous and grounded place that is focused on empowering writers to find and articulate the stories they are trying to tell.


There was no competition in the room. There was none of that tension that often works its way into workshop settings or writer's groups, because you are there for you and your story. Take this class. You'll walk away with a new story to tell, I guarantee it. Say yes.


I tapped into my “writer’s brain” with innovative non-threatening exercises that opened doors for me to discover unexplored creative depths. 


You will write more than you ever thought you could, yet be guided by a sailing captain who will always keep you on course and bring you safely into port. Winter will not let you settle for less than your best. She will challenge you, but will also be your best champion when you accept that challenge- she values risk, truth and an earnest work ethic.  


Phone interview, referral or writing sample necessary for entrance to the workshop. Contact me on Facebook or via email winterconnectatgmail. Thank you!


winter miller