Spare Rib + #TogetherForAbortion. 1.22.16

Spare Rib teams up with #TogetherForAbortion and The NYC LGBTQ Center to mark the anniversary of Roe v Wade with a reading of the play Spare Rib for an audience.  

January 22, 630pm @ 208 West 13th St., NYC

To get tickets, go the the Center's web page:


  • Kathleen Chalfant (“House of Cards,” “The Affair,” “Angels in America”)
  • Zainab Jah (“Eclipsed,” “Hamlet,” “In Darfur”)
  • Quincy Tyler Bernstine “Mr. Burns,” “Ruined,” “In the Next Room”)
  • Heidi Schreck (Writer on “Billions,” “Nurse Jackie,” Actor in “Circle Mirror Transformation”)
  • Kate Rigg (Band “Slanty Eyed Mama,” “The Jammer,” “Dogeaters”)
  • Keira Naughton (“The Quartos,” “The Rivals”, “The Three Sisters”)
  • Marin Ireland (“Girls,” “Homeland,” “The Big Knife”)

With direction from Jessi D. Hill (“Hi, Hitler!,” “Wink,” “Human Fruit Bowl”) and Winter Miller and the production team of Becky Goodman, Jillian Carruci, Virginia Alber-Glanstaetten, Abigail Barr, Jody Christopherson, Teddy Nicholas and Amy Raudenbush.

In partnership with #ShoutYourAbortion and New Georges, with early support from The Civilians, The Lark and Blue Mountain Center. With special thanks to those working tirelessly and courageously to provide safe and legal abortions for all, regardless of class or geography.

Read more in The New Yorker:

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